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Here are just a few dishes we have served to customers in the past. Your menu, will be customized!

Salads, apps and seconds:

  • Roasted beet salad, micro greens, pickled red onion, pomegranate seeds, pomegranate Vinaigrette.
  • Grapefruit and fennel salad, citrus vinaigrette.
  • Arugula and spinach salad, fig balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Herbed chickpeas with wilted escarole.
  • Multicolored quinoa salad, tart cherries, roasted pine nuts, citrus vinaigrette.
  • Broccoli quinoa salad. Roasted pistachios, buttermilk dressing.
  • Gorgonzola and pear salad, candies pecans, Balsamic onions, 20 year balsamic.
  • Cheese platter: Harvest Moon, Pecorino al tartufo, aged Brie, Beemster, house made Syrian farm cheese, house cured olives, dates, nuts and dried fruits. Could also add some house smoked fish: Albacore, white fish, salmon etc. Advanced order may be required for rare cheeses. (200 types of cheese to choose from)
  • White bean puree. Pine nuts, winter white truffle.
  • Wild mushroom hummus. Shallots, turmeric oil, pine nuts. (Fresh made Pita chips).
  • Smoked eggplant dip. Garlic confit, fried mint, and yogurt. (Fresh made Pita chips).
  • Barbari Pizza. (Persian flatbread) Toppings: caramelized onions, mushrooms, Gruyere, dates, bacon, gorgonzola, prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella etc.  It’s your world…make it your own OR let us decide!
  • Portobello carpaccio, served sliced and topped with Chimichurri (garlic, parsley, peppers)
  • Turkey, beef or veggie chili with polenta cakes, crema, 20 year cheddar.
  • Sea Urchin pasta. Sea urchin cream sauce.
  • Porcini and truffle Gnocchi, porcini parmesan cream, truffle.
  • Hazelnut pesto penne. Basil, parmesan.
  • Butternut squash and carrot soup. Fried Sage, nutmeg, crème fraiche.
  • Creamy wild mushroom Soup, toasted pine nuts Truffle.
  • Asparagus soup. House made croutons. Basil oil. Served hot or cold!
  • Sashimi or crudo: Albacore, tuna, salmon, octopus, uni etc.



  • Bread: French baguette, olive loaf, dinner rolls, Hawaiian rolls, Pita, Barbari, Sanghak etc. I can also make you a loaf upon request!
  • Grilled Brussel Sprouts. Dried cherries, toasted candied hazelnuts.
  • Rosemary butter and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.
  • Roasted red potatoes. Herbs de Provence. Parmesan.
  • Butter roasted wild mushrooms.
  • Grilled veggies multicolored carrots, fennel, radicchio, brussels sprouts, leeks, butternut squash, asparagus, and portobello mushrooms.
  • Fava beans, butter, garlic, cumin, lemon
  • Butter beans in rustic veggie broth (2 days process)
  • Mac & Cheese: 4 cheese, lobster or truffle.



  • Grilled flap meat. Caveman’s blend of spices, Chimichurri sauce.
  • Cabernet braised short ribs. , organic carrots, button mushrooms. (Individual square 6-8 oz servings)*
  • Grilled Tiger Shrimp, Live shrimp available, advanced order required.
  • 14 day aged Ribeye/NY steak. Pepper crust. Horseradish cream OR sage butter (on the side).
  • Mesquite Louisiana BBQ Spare Ribs. Dry rub. Pomegranate molasses BBQ sauce.
  • Barberry basmati rice cake with pulled saffron lemon chicken (on the side), turmeric caramelized onions.
  • Eggplant stew, tomatoes, yellow lentils (Vegetarian or with chicken), Basmati rice.
  • Broiled/grilled/cedar plank Atlantic salmon, blackened cherry wood smoked or lemon caper. (I Suggest blackenedJ )
  • Citrus and Dijon mustard marinated Cornish Game Hens. Served with cilantro, lime and honey glaze.
  • Chicken Turkish Kofte kabob. Heavily seasoned with cucumber, shallot, mint, yogurt sauce.
  • Beef and Lamb Kofte, spicy peppers, sumac onions.
  • Grilled fresh seasonal fish. Trout, Sea Bass, Barramundi, Catfish and dozens more!!!
  • Fresh shellfish: Lobster, crab (Blue, Dungeness and king), fresh sea urchin (Uni). Boiled, grilled or crudo.


Sample BBQ and Grilling Menu. All Meats are of the highest quality (Prime). Organic, grass-fed or Kosher meats are also available upon request. This is a SAMPLE menu based on past orders and is not limited to the items listed. ALL our menus are put together with specific likes and dislikes of the client in mind!!


  • Caveman’s blackened and smoked Tri-Tip. (Sliced)
  • Mesquite Louisiana BBQ Spare Ribs. Dry rub. Pomegranate Molasses BBQ sauce.
  • Grilled Tiger Shrimp, Live shrimp available, advanced order required.
  • Grilled Caveman Ribeye. Giant 32-48 oz steaks sliced (Med- Med/rare) and served hot off the grill.
  • Grilled Marinated flank steak, carne asada or mesquite rub/marinade.
  • The Primitive Gourmet’s Applewood smoked pulled pork or carnitas.
  • Grilled Cornish Game Hens, saffron, lemon and onion OR cilantro, honey lime marinade.
  • Grilled Chicken (white, dark, bone in etc.) various marinades and rubs.
  • Hand formed burgers: ground chuck and 80/20, Lamb and beef.
  • Cedar plank, Mesquite or blackened Salmon.
  • Sausages: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Veggie, exotics (Rabbit, Boar etc.) Boiled in beer then grilled.
  • Kobe Beef Hot Dogs, nuff saidJ
  • Veggie patties, Garden burgers, TPG’s black bean and quinoa patties, Portobello mushrooms.
  • Grilled fresh seasonal fish. Trout, Bass, Barramundi, Catfish and dozens more!!!
  • Fresh shellfish: Lobster, crab (Blue, Dungeness and king), Fresh Sea urchin (Uni). Boiled and grilled.



  • Meat Candy. Candied hickory smoked thick cut bacon.
  • Grilled corn (on/off the cobb)
  • Grilled Mixed veggies (zucchini, squash, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, eggplant, green beans)
  • Fire roasted Beets
  • Cajun Cole Slaw
  • Charred Cabbage Slaw
  • Chipotle or dill potato salad
  • Persian Chicken Potato salad (pickles, peas and carrots)
  • Curried Potato Salad
  • Macaroni and cheese (Truffle, mushroom, lobster and crab upon request)
  • Panko mac & cheese squares with aioli (truffle, garlic basil, chipotle, jalapeno)
  • Caveman Chili: Turkey, Vegetarian, Beef
  • Backed beans: Peruvian with ham hock broth and pesto. Also available I vegetarian, old school.
  • Watermelon, Feta ( or goat cheese) jalapeno and  mint salad
  • Tomato salad with green beans and basil