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Food has always been an integral part of my life. Growing up in Iran, Spain and the US, I was always surrounded by amazing food made by even more amazing women. My mother is the inspiration behind my love of cooking and hospitality. Ever since I can remember she’s been feeding everyone around her; friends, family, guests, neighbors and strangers. It’s only natural that I have followed in her footsteps.

I have been an avid traveler since college and have covered the world over, picking up culinary styles, recipes and flavors. I am now happy to share that knowledge with you. This is a labor of love and I want everyone to enjoy the same amazing flavors, ingredients and dishes I have enjoyed. I have no formal training and haven’t worked at any fancy restaurants. I know and understand ingredients, techniques and flavors.  I’ve cooked with chefs across the world and have been cooking and feeding everyone around me for 20 years and hope to share my culinary experiences with you!

Although I prepare custom made menus for every client based on their particular tastes, my style, as the name suggests is very primitive. Dishes are prepared with minimal processing, the best ingredients available, using simple techniques; specializing in meats and seafood. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine also has a special place in my heart from my upbringing, and yearly visits to my second home, the Aegean sea, southern Turkey and the Greek Isles.

Chef Bobby,
The Primitive Gourmet


At The Primitive Gourmet, we use only ingredients that are sourced locally. Our meats are all humanely raised, grass fed and often organic. Our produce is local, GMO and pesticide free and often organic!! Purchased by our Alpha Caveman, Chef Bobby, at farms from LA area down to and San Diego! We also have fresh fish and seafood from local, sustainable, reputable sources.  Our baked goods and desserts are all supplied by independent local chefs. We do our due diligence to ensure the best, safe and ethical products are available to our customers, all while making sure we support other small businesses like ours!

All the dishes we make are made from scratch and made to order on premises.  Now, if you wants a 15 pound smoked pork shoulder, sorry we’ll have to start 12 hours prior…but you get the gist!  Our mobile kitchen and event BBQ/smoker has a very small foot print and can be set up in as little as an 8’ X 8’ space outside with good ventilation.

Because we believe in bringing gourmet restaurant quality food to all, regardless of economics and social status, we can ensure these same ingredients are used regardless of the budget. We have no middle men and can pass those savings directly to our customers. So, regardless of your budget, there is a gourmet meal waiting for you!!